Ugh, I hate this crippling self-doubt.  Once more doubting my ability to continue in a hobby I enjoyed.  Just I don’t feel…like I belong I guess?  Like if I didn’t do it or didn’t show up no one would really notice.

Really hate nights light tonight but maybe it’s just a sign I should refocus my energies elsewhere.

Breaking out of Arkham like…


A wondrous miracle approaches us
We meet by chance again and again
The countless shining stars above us foretell love’s whereabouts
Born on the same earth
A miracle romance
I do believe in that, a miracle romance

It’s really too bad the plot is terrible because this movie is fucking gorgeous.  Those subtle expressions man.


2 Pictures of the Dragon Con 2014th
Lomelindi has made it and I love the pictures that way.
Thank you for that very sincerely.

This was well before I booty danced on you.  You don’t have the proper grumpy face yet, you’re just Majestic as hell.