So I don’t have any pictures of this being actually worn but this was a quick thing I whipped up for someone.  Jubes is kinda enamored with it and there’s been some expressed interest so I might make a few extras to sell.  But first, there will be better pictures!

May as well start better pimping these out!  Comicbook Bottle Cap Jewelry!

Wear your favorite superhero around your neck!   (And all proceeds go to making sure I don’t get kicked out of my apartment!  Any extras…well hell…I’m uploading some donation pieces today so check them out too!)

Check out our storeenvy for more details and other fun jewelry!  (It’s the source link!)


…What teenager talks like this? Good God, Lobdell.

An incredibly intelligent, well-educated one. Seriously, it’s an ignorant to think all teenagers speak a certain way.  Or even people in general.

Does no one remember Steve Eurkle?  LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL BILLY FROM POWER RANGERS.  Seriously.  Go find a clip of him talking about anything, it’s “not how a teenager would talk” and he was supposed to be a high school student.  Hell, for that matter, I talked like that as a teen because I wanted to be seen as an intelligent grown-up not some dumb kid who spoke poorly.

Let’s not get into the fact this is how Damian has been portrayed as speaking and he’s all of ten.  If it’s cool for Damian, it’s cool for Tim.  He’s always been the odd duck of the Robins and is a certifiable genius.  Of course he’s not going to speak “like a teenager”. 

This has all happened before.

You think this is the reaction the Pre-Crisis fans had about the Post-Crisis comics?  I mean considering it was kinda a soft reboot too.  Somethings changed (Jason’s origin, Dick’s heritage, Bette Kane’s status as First Batgirl), somethings stayed the same(Batman), some people died(Kole, Barry Allen, Tula), some people were written out of existance (Kathy Kane, Supergirl), some people were entirely rewritten (Wonder Woman), and new characters took up old mantles (Dr. Light), other characters stories were further complicated by the “reboot” (Donna Troy with Wonder Woman being erased from continuity, Power Girl moving from Superman’s cousin to descendant of  Ancient Atlanteans).

A lot of things changed after Crisis on Infinte Earths and not all of them stuck.  But look how much of that is considered common place now.  Honestly, I bet if the fandom had such easy communication and a highly visible place to talk I think we’d be seeing the same conversations then as now.  ”They ruined this character!” “Why did they turn Jason into a little punk?!  I hate him now I hope he dies!”  ”Bring back Barry Allen!”

Do you think if the internet community existed back then they’d be having the same conversations they do now?


Dark Knight by Karl Kerschel

One of my fav artists doing one of my fav Robin’s.  Aww yeah.


The Dark Knight Returns by Phil Cho

Expect a carrie spam today.  You’ve been warned.