So I talk about how much I love this line, so I’m going to be doing another Bombshell.  Stargirl’s design is one of my absolute favs (up there though, are Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, I guess I have a thing for the sporty tomboy designs.) and I love the shoes so :D

That staff is gonna be one of the most complex props I’ve built though so…yea challenge.  Maybe if I get free time I’ll get most of it out for Momo, but I’m not in a hurry.  

Wonder and Grace by laughingdaredevil

So like…Dragon*Con was forever ago and I don’t remember if I actually shared any pictures of this. I never got to make Mary Marvel this year, but I DID make a classic Donna Troy Wonder Girl.  And I think it turned out alright. ^_^

Current Potion Lotion Scents!

All scents will be available in:

  • Lotion
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Spray
  • Soaps
  • Candles
  • (A separate flavor will be available for lip balms!)

We will also be offering mix and match gift sets for the holidays!  Perfect for that nerd who wants to smell the fandom! (In a good way)


Classic Grecian Inspired perfume for the Woman of Wonder Herself

Kryptonian Wonder

A sweet and spicy scent for that girl from Krypton.

Captain America

An all American scent for the all American guy!

 Mana Potion

A relaxing fragrance designed to lift your spirits and mana so you can continue fighting! (Lotions will be in a Potion Bottle.)

Health Potion

A perfectly invigorating scent made to lift your HP back to maximum (Lotions will be in a Potion Bottle.)

Desert Radio  (This scent is not for sale but to be thrown in with other sales for fans)
A scent that inspires the mystery and wonder of this desert town!

Dog Park (This scent is not for sale but to be thrown in with other sales for fans)
Can’t talk about it? why not wear it!

The perfect scent for those brave lions!  Represent your house with pride!

Let your ‘pure-blood’ pride show. Smell like you are.

A scent that will prove you only eat the best from the Hogwart’s kitchen. If you can sneak in, that is.

A sharp scent for the sharpest students in the tower, the whole school being a given.

Doctor Who
A scent based on the 10th doctors favorite food! (Will come in 11th and other scents as well)

Spoilers! (River Song~)
A smell as big and mysterious as the height of her hair.

Scents Coming soon (Names to be determined…give a good one and you might receive a free product based on that scent)!

If you wanna keep up for our grand opening just follow this page. ^_^

So I don’t have any pictures of this being actually worn but this was a quick thing I whipped up for someone.  Jubes is kinda enamored with it and there’s been some expressed interest so I might make a few extras to sell.  But first, there will be better pictures!

I look goddamn incredible.  Like…I am madly in love with these pictures this guy took and he took them from the second floor.

May as well start better pimping these out!  Comicbook Bottle Cap Jewelry!

Wear your favorite superhero around your neck!   (And all proceeds go to making sure I don’t get kicked out of my apartment!  Any extras…well hell…I’m uploading some donation pieces today so check them out too!)

Check out our storeenvy for more details and other fun jewelry!  (It’s the source link!)


The amazing Robin as her genderbent Kid Flash!

Meee!  I wish the other parts of this set had turned out.  We’ll have to do it again later. <3